Willow Tiles

Imagine a wall of willow fronds hanging down the side of your shower stall — or framing the bathroom mirror — or decorating a garden room wall. I designed this handmade ceramic tile with just such places in mind. There are six tiles in this pattern so you can drape your willow fronds any way you like. The tiles are 3″x6″ subway style tiles set vertically. You can also run them horizontally as a graceful border.

The tiles can be glazed in a single glaze for a subtle effect, or we can handtint the leaves for a bit more drama. We’ve shown tiles in several glaze variations to give you an idea of the possibilities.
We have available paper “tiles” of the six frond patterns that are a great help in deciding on the arrangement of the tiles. We’ll be happy to send these to you upon request.

Single Glaze Willow tiles- $5.00 ea ($40 sq. ft)

Handtinted Willow tiles- $7.50 ea ($60 sq. ft)

3″x6″ Willow Tiles

Handtinted Green on Pale Amber
Handtinted Teal on Bisque
Single Glazed Malachite
Handtinted Green on Pale Amber
Single Glazed Pale Blue End
Handtinted Green on Amber
Handtinted Green on Ivory