The Joe Bowl

There is always a story behind the work an artist/artisan produces. The one behind this bowl weighed 80 lbs., had hopeful brown eyes and grumbled like a bear. Joe lived at the animal shelter for ten months before we met him. They had rescued him from a back yard where he had been abandoned chained to a dog house. Being a large, black dog with multiple health and psychological issues it had been very hard for the shelter to find him a home.

It was Halloween of 2009 when Joe came home with us. He was scared of everything and everyone. It took months to clear up his health issues and even longer for him to learn to trust anyone but me. He followed me everywhere and was my constant companion in the studio and out.

In July of 2010 Joe was diagnosed with a cancerous tumor on his paw. Surgery provided a temporary respite, but months later the tumor came back and was growing aggressively. Drug therapy made him extremely ill. Our last option was surgery, but it was too late to stop the cancer and in Nov. 2011 we had to say goodbye to our sweet, brave boy.

Joe was a very special dog — and there are many more dogs just as wonderful as Joe in shelters and rescue facilities all over the country. We’ve created a unique dog bowl – the Joe Bowl – to help raise funds to help. A portion of every sale goes to the animal shelter that rescued Joe to help them take care of other hard to place dogs.

The Joe Bowl is completely handmade and is glazed with food safe glazes. You can wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. It measures 7 1/2” in diameter, is about 2 1/4” deep and will hold three cups of kibble or water. The saying “A DOG WAGS ITS TAIL WITH ITS HEART” is hand carved into the rim and each bowl is signed with Joe’s paw print inside.

To buy a Joe Bowl, visit the Pet Bowl section of out Etsy shop.
To make a donation to our local pet rescue visit RawlDogs.

Joe Bowls