Sprigs Pattern

4×4 Handpainted Sprigs Pattern Tiles

Sprigs tile concept board

This series of custom made tiles was inspired by a William Morris tile design popular in the late 1800s. Many Arts & Crafts period designs were based on natural subjects often with simplified elements and repeating patterns. The concept board photo to the right shows one way the 4×4 field tiles can be used together in an alternating, checkerboard pattern.

The design is handpainted in a soft blue shade on our handmade 4″ x 4″ Potter’s Tiles. My adaptation offers three field tile patterns: a leafy sprig, a sprig with berries, and a plain tile with a squiggle border. It is available only as a custom order, so please contact us by email or phone to discuss your project. Note: Please keep in mind that these are hand made, hand glazed and hand painted tiles. Each batch we make will be slightly different. If you would like a finished sample of the tile to be certain it will work with your other materials, please contact us to set up an order. We can usually get a sample made and out to you within a week or two.

Leafy Sprig $14.00
Leaves and Berries $14.00
Sprigs Squiggle $6.00

Background color options for Sprigs Pattern tiles

We offer a choice of five background glaze colors: White Birch (as shown above), Clear on Bisque (off white), White, Ivory Belleek and Antique White. It is also possible to make plain 4×4 Potters Tiles (without the squiggle) in any of these glazes, if so desired. To be sure of the color, we suggest you contact us to order glaze samples of these options.

3×6 Sprigs Border Patterns

Selection of Sprigs 3×6 Border tiles and matching 3/4×6 listello tiles

There is also a trio of 3×6 Sprigs Border tile designs which can be use with the field tiles or on their own. The Sprigs design is handpainted on our handmade 3×6 Potters tiles. They are available in the same background glaze colors and and blue as the field tiles. Again, they are only available as a custom order so contact us with any questions or to get a cost estimate or lead time estimate. We also have a large selection of narrow border tiles that can be custom glazed to coordinate with the Sprigs tiles. Check our border tile section for more photos and descriptions.

From the top: Checkerboard Border, Sprig with Berries Border and Leafy Sprigs Border