Portofino Pattern

The inspiration for this design came from a set of handpainted pottery dishes my mother bought in Italy in the late 1950s. The rich jewel colors and stylized floral designs work well in both modern and traditional settings.

This design is handpainted on our handmade bisque Potters Tiles. The cobalt blue, terracotta, teal, gold, and black underglaze are sealed with a glossy clear glaze. This pattern is currently available in a 4″x4″ tile and a 3″x6″ border tile. The 4″x4″ pattern combines nicely with a single glaze 4″x4″ Potters Tile (Cobalt Blue shown) in a checkerboard pattern as  in the concept board photo at right.

4×4 Portofino Tiles

Portofino Tile $15.00