Studio Palette

This page displays some of the glazes we find work particularly well on our tiles and other ceramic ware.  We will be expanding our glaze offerings over the next few weeks to provide a broader range of options.  Please keep in mind that the colors you see on your monitor may not be an accurate reflection of the true glaze color.  We strongly recommend that you order Glaze Sample Tiles of the colors you are considering for your project.  Please contact us via the website Contact Form, e-mail ( or phone (540-937-5605) to order samples.  Samples are $3.00 each plus $2.00 S&H for the first tile and $.50 for each additional sample.

Yellows, Golds, and Oranges

Harvest Yellow
Pumpkin Spice
Pale Amber
Golden Horizon
Orange Fizz
Wild Honey
Saddle Clove
Dry Champagne

Blues and Purples

China Sea Crackle
Cobalt Blue
Sheer Indigo
French Blue
Dark Blue
Sheer Amethyst


Pottery Patina
Mediterranean Olive
Chrome Green
Green Tea Crackle
Sage Brush
Green Sapphire
Desert Pine
Celadon Crackle
Key Lime


Rose Granite
Rust Red
Hot Red
Rustic Sunset
Brilliant Red
Sunset Red
Rich Rust
Brick Red

Browns and Tans

Iron Ore
Mudpuddle Brown
Mocha Creme Crackle


Clear Bisque
Ivory Belleck
Parchment Crackle
Marshmallow White
Milkglass White
Ivory Cream


Sea Spray
Oyster Shell
Lava Slate
Cactus Sand