Our Listello border tiles measure approximately 3/4″ wide by 6″ long. The thickness varies a bit with the design from 3/8″ to slightly over 1/2″. We currently offer 8 different designs in these border tiles from classic to whimsical. They make wonderful accent tiles running through a wall of field tiles. They can also be used to frame other tiles or provide a decorative edge to a backsplash.

Each tile is handmade in our original design molds using earthenware clay slip. Turned out of the mold, the tiles air dry for 2-3 days. The tiles are then bisque fired at close to 2000 degrees. The bisque fired tiles will be glazed in your choice of glaze color and fired a second time.

Please be aware that being handmade, these tiles will not be perfectly square or straight like commercial tiles. These slight imperfections are what gives our tiles their handmade character and appeal. We do quality control our tiles before glazing and dispose of any that are warped or not straight enough to work in an installation.

Neither a camera nor a computer monitor is completely accurate in capturing the glaze colors that we offer in our Studio Palette. We strongly suggest that you either order a sample listello tile in the color you are considering or order a couple Color Sample tiles from which to choose a glaze. You may also want to contact us if you need a color that isn’t represented in our palette. There are hundreds of glazes to choose from and we would be happy to help you find the right one for your project.


Our Pearlvine Listello Border tile is a fanciful design combining a delicate incised vine and a relief “pearl” flower bud or berry. Translucent and semi-opaque glazes work well on this tile, pooling in the incised design and highlighting the relief. The tiles form a continuous border and would be perfect in a small room such as a powder room where a larger pattern might be too much. Pearlvine would also be nice running through undercabinet tiles on a kitchen wall or combined with larger border tiles in framing a backsplash.  Priced at $5.00 ea.


The Rope Listello Border tile is a classic design that works well alone or in combination with other border tiles and suits a broad range of applications. Glazed in translucent or semi-opaque glaze it can add subtle interest or serve as a contrasting accent depending on the colors used. It combines well with our larger 2″x6″ border tiles to frame a mural or other focal point.  Priced at $5.00 ea.

Cord & Bead

The Cord & Bead Listello Border tile makes an excellent accent tile whether alone or in combination with larger border tiles. The twisted cord flanked by two beads is both traditional and contemporary, depending on the application. Another advantage of this design is that it is one of the few border patterns that works well mitred at corners.  Priced at $5.00 each.

Incised Leaf

This narrow 3/4″x6″ listello makes a wonderful accent running through plain field tiles. The incised leaf design is highlighted nicely by semi-translucent glazes though it also works well with the more rustic, earthy glazes that break over surface textures. If you are using a natural motif in your tile installation, this is a nice subtle design element. Priced at $5.00 each.

Raised Leaf

This raised leaf listello adds considerable visual interest to a simple tile installation. It can be glazed in coordinating or contrasting color to frame a mirror, accent a window, or draw attention to an otherwise plain wall. The tile is 3/4″x6″ and approximately 1/2″ thick. Priced at $5.00 each.

Marble Beaded

This is a great listello to combine with other decorative elements in a tile installation. Add it to a wider border tile to help frame a focal point. Or let it run through a wall of field tiles to create visual interest. The 3/4″x6″ tile measures almost 5/8″ deep and can be rustic or classic depending on the glaze you choose. Priced at $5.00 each.


The Braided listello is an unusual and very attractive variation on the basic rope border tile. It provides a bit more texture and looks wonderful in semi-translucent and semi-opaque glazes. The tile is 3/4″x6″ and approximately 1/2″ thick. It can provide a unique decorative border around an accent panel or can stand on its own as a narrow border running through simple field tiles. Priced at $5.00 each.


The Half Round Listello border tile is wonderfully versatile. It’s a little narrower that our other listellos, measuring 1/2″x6″ and approximately 1/2″ thick. It works well in combination with any of our 2″x6″ border tiles and is also excellent as an alternative to bullnose tiles along the edge of an installation. Priced at $5.00 each.