Sprigs Pattern

This series of custom made tiles was inspired by a William Morris tile design popular in the late 1800s. Many Arts & Crafts period designs were based on natural subjects often with simplified elements and repeating patterns. My adaptation offers three field tile patterns: a leafy sprig, a sprig with berries, and a plain tile with a squiggle border. The concept board photo shows how they work together in an alternating, checkerboard pattern.

The design is handpainted on our handmade 4″ x 4″ Potter’s Tiles. We offer a choice of background colors- natural bisque(off white), antique white(as shown in these photos), white/white and cream.
The tiles are shown here in a blue and white version which was very popular during the Arts & Crafts period. Other colors were sometimes used, usually a toille red, sunny yellow, leaf green or brown. I’d be happy to provide tiles in these colors if they would suit you more than the blue. Because photos and computer monitors are not capable of presenting the true colors of the tiles, I suggest that you contact me for a sample tile in the color or pattern you are interested in.

4×4 Handpainted Sprig Pattern Tiles

Leafy Spray $12.50
Leaves and Berries $12.50
Sprig Squiggles $8.00