Art Tile Panels

Welcome to our gallery of handmade ceramic art tile panels. Some of these are already in the homes of collectors, but many are still available and can be viewed at the venues listed in their description. New panels may be added at any time, so please check back often.

Hunter & Hunted

hunterhuntedOne of my all-time favorites.  When I was making this panel,  I was worried it might be too dark, but once the tiles were fired the glazes worked out much as I wanted them to, giving the panel the feeling of a scene taking place on the forest floor at dusk.  That’s one of the things I love most about these mosaic panels — you never know quite how they’ll turn out until all the steps are done!  8″x8″ SOLD

Dark Waters II

img_3377 A 6″x9″ panel with unique metallic glazes on the textured background tiles that set off the fish tiles.  Polished obsidian pebbles accent the background.  The fish tiles were made using molds created from actual fish so you’ll see the tiniest fin and scale details.  Currently on display at Cristina’s Cafe in Strasburg, VA.


The Singing Tree

The Singing Tree

I came up with the idea for this panel one winter when a flock of cedar waxwings landed in a tree behind my house.  They were twittering so loudly I had to come out of the house and see what was going on.  This panel was so much fun to make!  Every tile was cut, textured and shaped to fit.  Each bird is unique and most likely will never be found in the real world.   22″ wide x 23″ high. SOLD

Sun Lizards

Sun Lizards

Worship the Sun Lizards!  This panel was three years in the making and is now on display at Cristina’s Cafe in Strasburg, Va.  This panel would not exist without the assistance of my cats one of whom caught and killed the fence lizard but left it in good condition.  When I discovered it, I headed directly to my studio and made a plaster mold of it which has since been used to create dozens of tiles.  You never know where you’ll find inspiration!


Wild Garden Red Dahlias


My love of gardening translated into ceramics.  Dahlias have some of the most incredible shades of red so they are the perfect flower for this vibrant panel.  I sometimes steer clear of the brighter colors for long periods and then just have to indulge.  This panel is currently at Cristina’s Cafe in Strasburg, Va.



Over 300 individually handcut, hand pressed, textured and glazed tiles were used to create the Orchard mosaic panel.  The panel celebrates the apple-growing heritage of Rappahannock Co. Virginia.  18″x19″.  SOLD

Ama’s Wild Garden100_5291

A custom panel created with the client’s favorite garden flowers — lilies, echinacea and fritillaria.  The two butterflies were added to please her granddaughters and the bluebirds to add even more cheer.  The panel measures approximately 16″x22″.  Check our installation page to see it in it’s home!


EnmeshedEnmeshed Panel 1

An unusual panel using tiles cast from a mold made from a goldfish.  The shading was produced by using 2, 3, 4, or 5 coats of the same glaze.  Currently displayed at Far Ridge Ceramics Studio.

Wild Garden with Orange BushIMG_3288

Another detailed mosaic with several new species of fantasy flowers.  Handpressed, cut, textured and glazed tiles.  Approximately 15″x22″.  SOLD


Dark WatersDarkWaters

An 8″x8″ mosaic made of cast fish tiles, hand pressed and cut tiles and obsidian pebbles. Glazed in unusual malachite and metallic glazes it looks different in every light. SOLD

Doves & BerriesDovesandBerries

A 6″x6″ handcut tile mosaic with cast birds, berries and leaves.   Each tile is carefully shaped before firing to fit together in a unique panel. SOLD


Another Wild Garden panel with sky blue Forget-Me-Nots.  Handcut, textured background tiles and a small acorn and snail complete the composition.  6″x6″.  SOLD


Another Wild Garden panel with a colorful butterfly adorning the purple flowered Echinacea.  6″x8″ On display at Cristina’s Cafe in Strasburg, Va.

Daisy & BeeWGDaisyandBee

Lots of leaf textures (achillea and cleome to be exact) and a cheerful yellow daisy adorn this 6″x6″ mosaic.  Each handcut tile is trimmed to fit its place in the design.  SOLD.


Alphonsus Arch

Handcut and embellished tiles.  This design was adapted from a 140 year old stained glass window panel.  18 1/2″ high x 27″wide.  Currently on display at Far Ridge Ceramics Studio, Edinburg, Va. $475


Embroidered Clay Sunflower #1

Hand cast and altered tiles, marble beaded listello, and floral bead corner tile.  Signed, titled and dated on back.  11 1/8″ x 11 1/8″.    SOLD

Embroidered Clay Sunflower #2

Handcast and altered tiles, cord & bead listello.  Signed, titled and dated on back.  11 1/8″ x 11 1/8″.  $130.

Fish Star

Hand cast, hand cut and altered ceramic tiles, polished pink granite pebbles.  18 1/2″ high x 19 1/2″ wide.  On display at Far Ridge Ceramics studio. $525

Go With the Flow

Hand cast and hand cut ceramic tiles – SOLD


Hand cast, hand cut and pressed ceramic tiles.  26″wide by 18 3/4″ high – NFS


Swimming in Circles

Hand cast tiles, cut mosaic tiles.  18″ in diameter – SOLD

Cross Currents

2009 – 28″x15″, Hand cast ceramic tile, antique glass mosaic, polished quartz pebbles, amazonite stones, grout mounted on wood panel.  On display at Far Ridge Ceramics Studio. $550


Perilla, Pine & Poplar

Hand cut and pressed ceramic tiles.  $180 SOLD

Earth Totems

Hand cast and pressed ceramic tiles; SOLD



Byland Abbey Virginia Creeper Panel

Hand cut and pressed ceramic tiles. 14″ in diameter. SOLD

Byland Abbey Forest Panel

Hand cut and pressed ceramic tiles. 14″ in diameter.  Currently on display at Far Ridge Ceramics studio. SOLD

Byland Abbey Blue & White

Hand cut tiles glazed in colors reminiscent of the original medieval pavement at Byland Abbey, Yorkshire, England (circa 1250).  Currently on display at Far Ridge Ceramics studio.  $140