Far Ridge Ceramics is a small studio located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.  We design and produce distinctive handmade ceramic tiles, gift and domestic ceramics and art tile panels.  All of our ceramics are original designs and are made entirely by hand.  Each piece takes several days as it goes from being liquid clay to finished glazed ceramic.

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Architectural Tile

To add distinction to the rooms of your house, browse our ever-expanding line of architectural tiles.  Whether you are looking for a graceful border of vines above your kitchen counter or a medieval design framing your fireplace, the artisan-made quality and character of our tiles will please the eye while adding value to your home.

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Gifts & Housewares

Enjoy browsing in our gifts and domestic ceramic pages for unique artisan- made selections.  Take a look at our wine bottle coasters, cheese plates, brie bakers and our series of whimsical “vegetable” bowls.  You’ll find yarn bowls for your favorite knitters, handmade herb pots for the gardeners, and even a collection of ceramic jewelry.

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Art Tile Panels

When the mood strikes, we take a little time out from our more practical work, resulting in an assortment of distinctive and unusual ceramic art tile and mosaic panels.  These one-of-a-kind pieces may be seen at various venues – check our art tile panel gallery for dates and places.

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Events & Visiting Far Ridge Ceramics

To get a firsthand look at our unique, handmade products, please visit us during one of our Open Studio events or Work Shops. If you are out and about visiting wineries or taking in the beautiful scenery in our area we would be happy to have you visit our studio.  Please check our event schedule for dates and details.